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what makes a Name?

Lots of people want to know how we got our name. Here’s the lowdown: Before Rockville was Rockville, it was known by a variety of names, including Daley’s Tavern. Back in the day, taverns served as gathering places and were the heart of their communities. Because of this, taverns often became the namesake of their neighborhood.

Today, we’re creating a modern day gathering place in Rockville, and our name honors both our location and the Daley Tavern’s spirit of community.

what makes a Neighborhood?

Is it the barista who can actually spell your name correctly on your morning coffee cup? Maybe it’s the familiarity of a well-worn path to the metro. Most definitely it’s Fergus, the 4-year-old Jack Russell you meet each morning on his way to the pet park.

At The Daley, we think a great neighborhood is made up of all these things. Come have a look for yourself…