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Make The Daley Tavern Your Weekend Hangout Spot

November 17, 2017

Make The Daley tavern your weekend hangout spot. You’ll love spending time with friends and hosting game nights and events here each weekend.

After coming home from work on Friday night, grab takeout at Sam’s Pizza & Subs and head to the tavern for a fun, low-key Friday night in with friends. Shoot pool at the state of the art pool table. Grab your girlfriends and park yourself in front of the television set to catch up on your favorite shows or for that Monday night Bachelor episode.

Grab a book and cozy up in one of the comfy chairs or sofas for an introverted Saturday morning.

Get competitive and try a game of shuffleboard on the brand new, sleek wood table. Bake something delicious for dessert in the clubroom’s demo kitchen. Host a meal or gathering at the community table. You can also head to the community dining room for a more formal event.

Work from home? Get out of your apartment and use The Daley tavern during the weekdays as a workspace during the day. Sit in one of booths and type out your next article or organize spreadsheets.

How will you use The Daley tavern? Contact us today for more information on life at The Daley or to schedule a visit.