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Work From Home at The Daley

May 19, 2017

The Daley Apartments are already perfectly located close to major Maryland roadways, but cutting your commute to zero by doing your work from home sounds even more ideal, doesn’t it?

Living at The Daley Apartments in Rockville, MD makes working from home that much more feasible.

We’ve purposely created work amenity spaces just for this use. Take advantage of our E-booth area and think tanks for brainstorming all of your best ideas without leaving home.

For a change of location, without having to go anywhere, move yourself and your laptop out to The Daley’s courtyard to catch some rays.

If you want to move your work location a little farther away, but still without ever getting into your car, the town center cafe and restaurant options that are coming soon are only footsteps from your front door.

If you need a little break from your serene at home work environment, use The Daley’s Fitness Center to blow off some steam, and then get back to work!

The key here is that you don’t really need to leave home to get all aspects of your life accomplished, even work.

Come see The Daley Apartments in Rockville, MD for yourself, and check out all of the great areas you’ll be able to work from home in when you move here.