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Rockville, MD Fitness Close to Home

May 12, 2017

Getting fit is easy when it is accessible, like at The Daley Apartments in Rockville, MD.

When you live here you have access to an indoor and outdoor Yoga area and a fitness center.

Convenience is key, so keep your workout close with all of these great places to work up a sweat in Rockville:

North Bethesda Sports & Health is an overall fitness gym with various ways of burning calories and getting your heart rate up.

Pure Barre Rockville is a Barre workout studio where ballet and strength training are combined for a killer workout.

MoCo Crossfit is for the heavy lifters to pump iron, do short circuit intervals and workout with others in a competition style workout setting.

Title Boxing Club is a great way to mix up your fitness with some aggression-releasing boxing.

Pilates Center of Rockville is all about the core and strength training. Take your abs, legs, butt and arms to the next level here.

Thrive Yoga is where you can find your zen during your workout. Learn how to integrate meditation into your fitness with some downward dogs.

The fitness options are endless around The Daley. Come for a visit to see your next home and then drive around town to see all of the great places there are to work on your fitness!